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Steve Winks and Co. (Pty) Ltd is an independent Risk Consulting company providing design, implementation and evaluation of Risk Management strategies across a wide range of enterprises. The company has vast experience in all aspects of Risk Management, from operational-level Risk Assessments and Asset Protection Surveys, to establishing and overseeing world class Risk Management programmes in an extensive variety of major mining, industrial and financial businesses, both in South Africa and abroad. SW&C was launched in July 2003 by Steve Winks, after a successful career as a Risk Consultant and Corporate Risk Manager.

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Risk Management is an essential part of management that enables organisations to understand and influence the uncertainties that can affect the objectives of any venture.

Any organisation, be it large or small, public or private, is comprised of inputs, processes and outputs. These components, together with the environments in which they operate, are all subject to change. The achievement of organisational objectives is greatly, if not completely, conditioned by the knowledge of, and ability to control, the causes and consequences of change.

Put simply, Risk Management is about:

  • Identifying the potential changes which can impact the organisation's objectives;
  • Improving understanding of the causes and consequences of those changes; and
  • Reducing uncertainty and increasing the ability to control events or outcomes.

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The definition above, that it is about anticipating and coping with change, indicates that any organisation or enterprise needs Risk Management (RM). Many will argue that this is just good management and they already practice it. But how structured and effective are the processes?

There is an often quoted statistic that 90% of businesses fail within the first 10 years of start-up and it is obvious, where this is the case, that some element of good management must be lacking.

Why do businesses fail? (not only businesses but non-profit ventures and government initiatives as well).

It is simply because of inadequate attention to one or more of the variables to which the enterprise is vulnerable.

There is a clear need for any venture to integrate RM with strategic planning and to embed RM processes into all activities that are subject to change. This holds true whether the undertaking is large or small, for profit or not. Although most of the knowledge about the business and its exposures will exist within the entity, the expertise needed to integrate and embed RM will most effectively come from outside.

Left portion of heading barHow can SW&C help you?Right portion of heading bar

Most enterprise failures occur because the need for Risk Management (RM) has not been fully understood before start-up or, where it has, the response has not been appropriate or effective.

Having led or participated in the development and implementation of many highly successful RM programmes (and learnt from some notable failures), SW&C has acquired a clear understanding of what is needed to create effective RM Strategies as well as the pitfalls to be avoided.

There is no one formula for all. Whilst the principles of RM are universal and apply to any enterprise, their application needs to be tailored to the particular nature of the undertaking and structure of the organisation.

SW&C can tailor its services to suit the organisation's present profile and risk management needs. The purpose of risk management is to improve efficiency and add value through better, risk-informed decision making at all levels. SW&C will help you to achieve this goal.